Help me tell my Failed Suicide story by funding my book! – Please share

“If you are at the bottom, everything overwhelms you because you are damn near dead. Everything should overwhelm you because you have no extra resources. Any more threat and you’re sunk so you become extremely sensitive to negative emotion and perhaps become impulsive.”

In life, as you go up the status ladder you become less sensitive and you can focus more on a long term future.
What can you do to move up dominance hierarchy then?

Go into your imagination. You find the great archetypes that guide human nature.

Who should lead, what should rule? What should be at the top?

Speech and vision, and the willingness to confront the terrible unknown.

“What do you want to be king of?

How about: Your heroic willingness to encounter the unknown and articulate it and share it with people. There is no nobler vision than that.

Dr Jordan B Peterson

If you would like to be part of the kind group of people who want to help me articulate and share my story, please click on the GoGetFunding link on the top and donate to my campaign 🙂

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    Nice blog you got and thanks for following

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      Thank you so much

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