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Autism And Christmas

Christmas time, it’s one of the most magical times of the year. It’s when you go to sleep and wake up early in the morning to see what Santa brought you then wake your family up with some tunes on your new piano that came from Grandma. Unfortunately, not if you’re autistic

family decorating their christmas tree
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Christmas time all around is great!

The food, gifts, family time, presents… But for autism families it can be a little difficult. Most autistic children love routine so changing things up like switching to different times for dinner or even having dinner altogether can stress them out tremendously. Autistic children tend to get easily confused because they are visual learners so seeing things change will definitely stress them out. They also get stressed when they don’t understand something right away so don’t be surprised if your usually calm and collected autistic child turns into a screaming child when trying to open their Christmas present.


Christmas time is definitely not the easiest time of year for autistic families but with a little understanding and love it can be just as amazing as everyone else’s! Just remember to keep things as consistent as possible, have patience, and most importantly have fun!!!

Happy Holidays!!!



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