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Autistic Or Not, Feeling Left Out Sucks!

When someone is feeling left out, they can be angry, uncooperative, and unwilling to socialize. They may also be desperate for attention and choose behaviors such as talking excessively or interrupting others. A person who is feeling left out may become clingy or angry with those who exclude them; it often feels like there’s nothing we can do about the situation at hand – but this isn’t true!

If you’re a friend of someone who is feeling left out:

· Offer advice: if your friend is having trouble finding ways to fit in and feel included, you should suggest some solutions that might work for them. Sometimes friends will come up with ideas on their own, but not always – so offer your suggestions freely! Point out that no one likes to be left out and that it gets better.


· Don’t judge: if someone is feeling left out, they’re likely going through a temporary bad time – don’t make the situation worse by judging them for their emotions! Often people feel left out because of their behavior, but often these behaviors are a result of being excluded from society. However, people who feel left out will usually take criticism very badly and use it as further justification for their feelings.


· Resist the urge: when we want to be nice to someone, we can sometimes become too nice and give in to every request they have without considering other people’s needs. When your friend feels like he or she has been left out, they may ask for a lot of favors or make a lot of demands – however, it’s important to be considerate of other people who might also want your attention. Sometimes you’ll have to say no – and this is okay!


· Respect their feelings: when someone feels left out, it can be hard not to take their anger personally. However, remember that people tend to lash out when they feel upset, and ‘it’s not always about you! If someone is feeling left out, they’re likely very hurt by their social exclusion; try to see things from their point of view and resolve the issue as calmly as possible. Sometimes just explaining how another person has made them feel can really help them move on from the situation.


· Offer physical support: friends can do a lot to help someone who is feeling left out – such as offering their company during times of loneliness. If your friend is lonely, try coming over or inviting them somewhere; if you’re busy, it’s nice for people to know that they have others to turn to even if they can’t spend time with them at a particular point in time. When we feel left out, we want human contact, and being able to talk about our feelings with a supportive person helps us move on from the pain.

There You Have It

If someone feels excluded, they’re probably going through an emotional time so try not to take things personally! However, sometimes talking or getting professional help does help – so don’t be afraid to offer help or advice. If someone is feeling left out, they’re probably hurting inside, even if they try not to show it. I am autistic and I feel left out most of the time…

I hope this article was helpful! Please comment below with any feedback you have for me 🙂


3 responses to “Autistic Or Not, Feeling Left Out Sucks!”

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  3. David Thomas Boyd Avatar
    David Thomas Boyd

    We recon we all are,only instead of one,as in the sixth dimension,evaluating our present & past life events, one’s clear conscience has caught em up to or surpassed one’s own I’d, to possibly once again “ ThyKingdom Come “.


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