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How To Travel With Autism In 10 Steps

When you travel with autism, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Most people think of autism as a disability, something that makes it difficult for to function in society. But I would like to share with you my process of traveling with autism .

Step 1: Buy plane tickets

“How to travel with autism” is not just about where you are going, it is also about how you are getting there.

Go online and search for flights that work with your schedule. Then purchase the ticket(s), print them out, and bring them along on your travels wherever they may take you.

Step 2: Get customer service agent to write letter for autism-friendly airlines

In this step, you will want to call the airline that your flight is with and see if they have a letter of understanding for autism-friendly airlines.

Ask them what their policy is on traveling with autism. If it seems like they might not have a plan in place, ask them what kind of information they need from you in order to get a letter of understanding from them.

Then provide the information they need and request that they write out a letter on their official company letterhead. Once you have this letter, it will be helpful when traveling with autism moving forward. This step is very important because it can ease some stress when traveling with autism .

Making things easier for yourself is always a good idea.

Step 3: Get travel itinerary sent to your email

Most airlines have an online ticket system. This means that you can purchase tickets online and check in online (if these things are included on the flight).

Make sure to use this feature when flying with autism because you can print out this digital copy of your travel itinerary. It will show up in your inbox as soon as you check in online.

Make sure to put the email address that you use for your airline ticketing account, or it might not work after buying the ticket(s).

Step 4: Check luggage at home

Did you know that you are allowed to check two bags when flying with autism ? This is because your lap belt does not fit properly, which means that it can pose a safety risk for the plane.

Because of this, you are allowed to bring up to two checked bags on any flight. Make sure that these bags are checked in before you get to the airport. This will make things easier when traveling with autism and can save you a lot of time and stress.

Step 5: Wear layers on the flight

Airplanes are usually cold, so wear warm layers on your flight. If it gets too hot during the flight, you can remove or add clothing.

Bring extra clothing with you on the flight in case the cabin gets colder or hotter than usual. This can help to make things easier for you when traveling with autism .

woman wearing face mask at airport
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Step 6: Arrive at airport early

Arriving early is important if you are flying with autism because there are usually a lot of people at the airport. This may make it difficult to be patient and understanding if you are not used to this type of situation.

Give yourself plenty of time before your flight takes off to throw away waste, re-check luggage, and find the right gate. The more prepared you are for your flight, the better and easier things will go when traveling with autism .

Step 7: Use a service animal as needed

Using a service animal on the flight will allow you to bring it with you into the cabin of the airplane. This can make things easier for those who travel with autism because they will not have to worry about leaving their beloved pet behind at home or in a kennel.

If you need to use a service animal, make sure to talk with an agent of the airline and ask them what they need from you in order for your service animal to travel with you on the plane. You will need to provide this information when purchasing your ticket(s).

Step 8: Ask for permission before using the restroom

Most people manage to wait until the plane stops moving before using the restroom. However, if you don’t have your own bathroom accommodations at home, this might cause some problems when traveling with autism .

To avoid this problem, make sure that you ask for permission to use the bathroom even if you are not in imminent danger of soiling yourself and others. This can make things much easier when traveling with autism .

Step 9: Request that the flight attendants help you find your seat

If you are having trouble remembering where your assigned seat is, just ask an attendant to walk you there. The person might be able to take care of this as they serve food and beverages, or they might need to ask you to wait a little while they finish before helping you.

This step is important when traveling with autism because it can help you avoid getting lost and confused about where your seat is in relation to the rest of the plane. Ask questions before takeoff if necessary.

Step 10: Be happy that you can enjoy a flight

Air travel with autism is difficult to manage, but many people have been able to make it work for them. The more you practice preparing for flights, the easier this will be for you when traveling with autism .

If you are an emotional support animal or service animal owner, use these 10 steps to help you through your flight. If your child is flying alone, use these tips to help them get on the plane and comfortably seated without too many problems. 

Closing thoughts:

Hope you enjoyed this article on how to make air travel with autism easier for everyone involved. Remember these simple steps when traveling with a loved one or friend who has autism. Make sure to buy a seat for them if they need one, and always give them plenty of warning before going through airport security or landing.


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