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Will Life Always Be Difficult?

“Life” is what we live and love for and fear losing at some point. At some times it may seem like life is too short and we don’t get to spend enough time with our loved ones, while other times we feel like we never stop working and there’s no such thing as rest. Why do these things happen? Is life always going to be difficult? Will we always have to struggle for happiness and success, or does it all come naturally without any effort? How do our beliefs affect what happens in our lives? Read the next few paragraphs to find out how.

First of all, why is life so hard sometimes? In an article published on Psychology Today, a survey was conducted to try and find out why life sometimes came across as too difficult. The results showed that people who ignored things they couldn’t control had better mental health than those who didn’t. This means not stressing about things you can’t change or taking responsibility for something that someone else actually does is the best way to handle difficulty.

The next point to look at is how our beliefs affect the things that happen in our lives. There’s a saying, “Be careful what you wish for.” For example, you may wish to win the lottery so badly, but be grateful for what you have now because if you win, it may change your life for the worse instead of making it better. Believing in karma is another way to look at things; whatever you give out in the world is what comes back to you.

The last point to mention is that while life may seem difficult sometimes, remember there are always people out there struggling more than you are right now. There are also people who have it easier but think theirs is more difficult than it actually is. The best thing to remember is that we all face hardships, and we all have different lives, so the only thing we can do is embrace them and live positively!





One response to “Will Life Always Be Difficult?”

  1. Alan Conrad Avatar

    Well said! As someone who is 75 yrs old and so nearing the end of it all, I can say that as the physical attacks against you – body weakening, disease, etc – become more and more difficult, the other part – social life, focusing on what matters, etc etc, gets easier.


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