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What Is Histrionic Personality Disorder (HD)?

Histrionic Personality Disorder is a mental illness that causes people to act in an overly dramatic, attention-seeking way. People with this disorder are usually very lively and flirtatious around others. They use their appearance to be the center of attention. When they feel ignored, they may start sobbing to get sympathy.

People with histrionic personality disorder are usually very energetic and outgoing. They act friendly around everyone even if they don’t know them. They seem to always be the center of attention in any situation, whether they want to or not. Because of this, people with HD often come off as annoying or overbearing.

People with histrionic personality disorder tend to exaggerate their emotions. They will cry when it is time to be sad, laugh when there is a reason to, and get angry very quickly. This disorder can cause people to act in an extremely needy or clingy way in order to make others stay with them.

People with this disorder usually have great self-esteem even if they are doing poorly in school or at their job. They will find a way to make it appear as if they are doing great.

People with histrionic personality disorder usually have a hard time being alone. Even if others leave them on their own, they will try very hard to get someone to stay with them even if they don’t know that person very well. For this reason, people with HD tend to become attracted very quickly and show their emotions which can scare others away.

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People with this disorder like wearing clothing that others will notice, such as bright colors and tight-fitting clothes. They also like putting on a lot of make-up to look attractive or different in ways that catch others’ attention. People with HD usually have a very hard time getting along with others because the disorder causes them to act in ways that are often annoying.

The biggest problem that people with histrionic personality disorder face is their emotional instability. They may go from being extremely happy to extremely sad or angry almost immediately. Because of this, they can have trouble maintaining relationships and friendships. Also, people with HD usually have a hard time keeping jobs because they don’t show up consistently or perform to the best of their abilities.

People with this disorder tend to self-injure in order to make themselves feel better when they are upset. If left untreated, a histrionic personality disorder can be very dangerous and lead to death by suicide.

Treatment usually includes psychological counseling and medication.





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