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What New Year Resolutions Should People Struggling With Mental Health Have?

We all make New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of each new year. Some are really common, like exercising more or losing weight. However, there are some that are very unique to each person. So what should people struggling with mental health have as a goal for their upcoming year?

Here are some to consider:

1) Autism – What does Autism look like? Autism is a developmental disorder that begins early in childhood, typically before the age of three. Signs of Autism include impaired social interaction and communication, repetitive behaviors, abnormal responses to sensory experiences or interest in unusual objects. This can be overcome by utilizing behavioral therapies specifically designed for Autism.

2) ADHD – Dream big! If you have ADHD, you should always set goals that are possible to be achieved. Whether it’s learning how to focus better in school or getting organized every day, making small changes can lead to big results.

3) Depression – Be proactive. If someone has depression, they need to actively work at improving themselves daily. It might seem hard at first, but it can be done. Choose a form of self-care that makes you feel better, whether it’s going for a walk or having dinner with friends.


It is important to remember that everyone has different mental health conditions, so what might work for one person may not work for another. If you are struggling with these issues this year, make sure to research effective methods and talk to your doctor about what might work for you.

Happy New Year!

So, if you’re planning on making a New Year’s resolution, your goal should be related to mental health in one way or another!


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