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10 Tips To Boost Your Confidence

              So, you seem to be having a little bit of trouble with confidence. It’s okay – everyone experiences it from time to time! However, if your lack of self-confidence seems to be restraining you and keeping you back and preventing you from living life as fully as you could do otherwise, then we may have an answer for you.

We have a range of 10 real-world tips to boost your confidence and give you a hand in overcoming your lack of self-belief, that will be useful to you in both personal and professional life. Just take a look below!

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This is the first in a range of 10 tips to build your confidence. Let’s get you started on the track to greater self-belief!

What do confident people actually look like? They are more likely to be smiling, projecting their voice, holding eye contact with the person they’re speaking to and seemingly enjoying themselves more. It’s difficult to describe, but you know it when you see it.

So how do we become more like them? By having fun! Simple as that; if you’re not having any fun in life, then there’s a strong chance of you projecting low confidence. You can make yourself happier by doing things you enjoy or spending time with people who make you feel good about yourself. A simple change in lifestyle can make a big difference, and what started out as a temporary “confidence boost” can very quickly become a permanent lifestyle change.

This is the second in a range of 10 tips to build your confidence. Let’s get you on your way to success!


Don’t beat yourself up – we all make mistakes. The key to making sure you learn from them is to admit your failure and move on rather than drowning in self-pity and ignoring the problem altogether.

We often lie to ourselves about our own mistakes – either by justifying them or pretending they never happened, which leads us further away from finding a solution.

And the best – perhaps counter-intuitive – way of learning from mistakes is to think about them. By sitting down and mulling over the events that led up to the mistake, you can figure out why it happened in the first place. Then, with this new-found knowledge under your belt, you can avoid making similar (though hopefully not identical) mistakes in the future.

And so, let’s take a look at the third tip for building your own confidence…


Being around people who are supportive of us – friends, family or work colleagues – is great because these are the people who are more likely to cheer you up when things aren’t going your way or help you find solutions that you may not have thought of alone.

These are some people who are generally likely to make you feel good about yourself, so by spending more time with them, you may find that your lack of self-confidence starts to fade away. This doesn’t mean you should cut out the rest of the world though – new experiences and meeting different types of people can also play a part in building your confidence.

This is the fourth in a range of 10 tips to build your confidence. Let’s keep on going!


Okay, so this one may seem a little counter-intuitive at first – making mistakes can help boost our self-confidence, but what about the times when we don’t make any mistakes? Surely this means we have nothing to learn from, so our confidence should be sky high? Unfortunately not…

It can be easy to forget about how much we don’t know. We spend most of the time thinking practically – what we know and what we’ve experienced. But there’s a big world out there with lots of knowledge and experiences that we don’t know about. Therefore, when we experience something new – whether it’s learning a language, taking up a musical instrument or starting at a new job – this gives us an opportunity to learn something new and potentially makes us feel like we’ve achieved something.

This is the fifth in a range of 10 tips to build your confidence. Don’t stop now!

As the saying goes, “fake it ’til you make it.” You can feel confident simply by acting confidently – by looking your best and standing tall with a smile on your face. This is due to something called the behavioural feedback loop . It’s difficult to describe this in detail, but what it means is that if we do something (like smile) then we start to feel better (because we’re smiling) and our mood improves. This then reinforces the behaviour we wanted to change (in this case, smiling), making us feel even better and so on…

You’ve probably heard of the benefits of taking up exercise before – not only does it make us healthier but it can also be a great confidence booster. But, instead of taking up running because it’s good for us, why not make exercise about feeling good instead? Workout at home with our free workout planner or download our walking to work plan . This way you’ll feel better either due to the improved health or simply because you spent time doing something you enjoyed!

This is the sixth in a range of 10 tips to build your confidence. Keep on going!


There’s a common belief that people who are intelligent and educated (and, by extension, successful) never make mistakes and therefore have incredibly high self-confidence. This isn’t true though – even the most learned people have their doubts but it’s how they deal with them that matters.

Rather than avoiding their mistakes, people who are intelligent and successful learn from them – where they went wrong, what could have happened differently to make it come out right… Then next time the same kind of situation arises, instead of trying to avoid making a mistake or worrying about failing, they can go in optimistic that they have the knowledge to succeed.

This is the seventh in a range of 10 tips to build your confidence. Let’s keep on going!

We all have an idol – whether it be a celebrity or someone we know personally, this person represents something that we aspire to be. Things like how successful they are, their appearance or the clothes they wear.

While it can be helpful to look up to someone who has already achieved those things we want to – such as a professional athlete for inspiration when training for an event like a marathon – sometimes, instead of helping us feel better about ourselves, this will make us feel worse because we don’t measure up and we’re not where they are yet.

Instead, try to pick someone you know personally – perhaps a friend, family member or co-worker who inspires you to improve yourself and work harder towards your goals. They too have their own flaws but this will make them much more relatable and easier for us to look up to because they’re not unreachable perfectionists!

This is the eighth in a range of 10 tips to build your confidence. Nice work so far!

Nobody likes being made fun of, especially if it’s because of something we can’t do anything about. But, when you get down to it, all jokes are just poking fun at little things that make us different – be that what we’re wearing, the things we believe in or how well we do something. This might feel like it’s making fun of us but it isn’t – it’s just giving everyone else a chance to lighten the mood and have some laughs.

And even if someone is being subtly disrespectful by poking fun at you, don’t let them get under your skin. After all, if there’s one thing you should have by now it’s confidence! So stand tall and give as good as you get – nobody will expect you to be the butt of their joke for too long…

This is the ninth in a range of 10 tips to build your confidence. Keep on keeping on with this list!


Another massive confidence killer is comparing ourselves to other people – particularly those who are doing better than us. Whether it’s because they’ve taken their fitness to the next level, achieved something at work we want for ourselves or even just look good in clothes that make us feel self-conscious, constantly comparing ourselves like this can make us feel worse about our chances of success.

Instead, focus on your own progress and achievements – from the small ones that might not even seem like a big deal to you, such as giving yourself a compliment or getting into bed at a reasonable time even if you don’t feel tired, to the larger ones like finding a new job you really enjoy or staying strong during a tough assignment at work.

This is the tenth and final of 10 tips to build your confidence! We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and feel more confident as a result.

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