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Autism And Dressing Yourself

For people with autism, dressing themselves can be a challenge. It is hard for us [people on the spectrum] to make [ourselves / our clothing] look presentable when we are in public.

I have been a fan of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg who always wear the same outfit. Personally I like to dress sharp, like Jordan Peterson says: “Dress like the person you want to become”.

Below is a great story of someone with Autism relating her story, enjoy!

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Autism and getting dressed

I have never been able to choose what will go best with what else or how my outfit will come together as one whole. My clothes might all match but they do not always go well together. Let’s take my garden party dress for example; it is light blue and has frills that only go halfway down the skirt of the dress. The top half of the dress has crocheted flowers that are white, pink, yellow, and blue (the yellow matches perfectly with the pink). However, this doesn’t mean it will go well with my other clothes. Sometimes I can mix and match (this depends on what kind of mood I am in).


Dressing yourself means matching colors or putting together patterns that do not go together; you need to know how your outfit will look fully dressed before you even begin to put the outfits on. This is something autistic people might struggle with, which makes getting ready take longer than usual. First we have to decide whether the outfit goes together. Then we have to plan an order so it’s easier to dress yourself because each piece of clothing has its own difficulties when you try to put them on. The last piece of clothing will be the easiest one but usually, this isn’t always true. Before every party, holiday event , or picture day at school, I spend hours trying to pick out what outfit to wear.


Many autistic people have their own way of dressing themselves and some need someone else’s help. I can dress myself by putting the most important piece of clothing on first then work my way down from there. By doing this, you would think that it would be easy but it is not .   Sometimes when my family is in a hurry and we do not have time for me to put my clothes on this certain way, I just stay in pajamas all day because it takes too long for anyone who has autism to get ready. This makes our lives harder because other people are always waiting on us, which should not happen because everyone should be treated equally.


Be Patient With Us

I wish that autistic people could dress themselves faster and not have to worry about the way they look when they leave for school or go out with their friends because we want to be treated like everyone else. We should not have to feel different from other people in the world; we already are but we don’t want everyone else in the world thinking we are different when we really aren’t. While many of us [autistic people] may take longer than usual to get ready, dressing yourself is a part of life and it can help you determine who you actually are (the clothes someone wears usually shows their personality) .  


2 responses to “Autism And Dressing Yourself”

  1. Alan Conrad Avatar

    Very interesting post on a topic that is rarely mentioned. When it came to going to work in offices, decade after decade, I solved the problem [I am male] by reverting to a kind of uniform that I wore all the time – will it be black or dark blue? was the only question I had to ask myself.


    1. anonymousgods Avatar

      Thank you, Sir. Yes, I find it much easier to know exactly what I will be wearing the day before I need to wear it. By having 5 similar outfits for work has given me the opportunity to focus on other things…


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