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When Should You Consider To See A Psychologist?

Life can throw some tough challenges at us. At bad times, it’s easy to get caught up in the emotional tidal wave and forget what you’re supposed to be doing: living life. It becomes hard to keep perspective and focus on yourself and your needs when everything is falling apart around you.

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Seeking help from others is often written off as a sign of weakness, and while it certainly isn’t something to be proud of (and can even open you up for criticism and judgment), it is one of the bravest things that we can do. And helping yourself out when times get tough doesn’t mean that you’re selfish or aren’t coping; it means that you care about yourself and your emotional wellness . It’s OK to seek professional help; it doesn’t mean that you can’t cope with things on your own.


There are plenty of signs your mental health is taking a downward turn, but sometimes you might not notice them until they’ve got you in their grips. If you find yourself experiencing any (or all) of the following and want to know how to get out of it, you might want to consider reaching out for professional help:

  • You’re having trouble focusing on school or work
  • Feelings of sadness/helplessness that last for weeks at a time
  • Lack of concentration in your daily life (difficulty with reading, writing, comprehension)
  • Irrational fears and/or panic attacks
  • Ongoing physical pain that affects your daily life and routine
  • Not enjoying the things you used to enjoy, especially activities with family and friends
  • Thoughts of harming yourself or others  

It Might Be Time

If you’re experiencing any of the above, it might be time to talk to somebody about it. A psychologist can provide you with the support and tools you need to get your life back on track. If you’re feeling like you don’t want to continue living, or feel like you’re a danger to yourself or others, please seek emergency assistance. There is always somebody who wants to help, and there’s no shame in getting the help that you need.


Help can come in many different forms – it doesn’t have to mean seeing a psychologist in person. You might want to talk things over with your friends and family, or you might want to try an online support group. There are plenty of resources available to you, so please don’t be afraid to seek them out.

The most important thing is that you take care of yourself. You’re not alone in this – we all go through tough times sometimes. But we also all have the tools within us to get through them. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it, and know that there are plenty of people out there who want to support you.


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