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Are Neurodivergent People More Liberal?

It’s a long-standing stereotype that neurodivergent people tend towards the political left, but is it true?

Some claim that this is not the case at all and cite examples of famous right wingers who have been diagnosed with Autism or ADHD. In response, others counter that these particular individuals may be outliers in terms of public figures, but are actually reflective of a larger trend. When you examine the numbers closely, it turns out that people on the autism spectrum, for instance, are more likely to be liberal than conservative or moderate.


Personal experience also confirms this claim. Neurodivergent people may have differing opinions about other aspects of society and human nature, but a few commonalities seem to stand out. Many neurodivergent individuals believe that a person should be judged on the content of their character rather than the color of their skin, for instance.

In addition, they tend to have less of an appetite for conformity and authority in general, instead preferring quiet contemplation or constructive debate. In other words, they tend to be more liberal and progressive.


Many who fit this description find themselves frustrated with the current political climate in America. Donald Trump won an election he had no business winning because voters were tired of the status quo and wanted something different even if it was uncertain or downright scary. Yet that doesn’t mean neurodivergent people are anti-Trump per se, it just means that they are less likely to buy into the demagoguery of people who thrive on pitting groups against each other.

This is not an exhaustive list of traits associated with neurodivergent people – it is merely a sampling. The point is that, when you put all these factors together, a trend begins to emerge. The numbers may be small but they are representative of a larger movement based on the idea that the government should not unnecessarily inhibit citizens from achieving their goals or limit access to health care.

In other words, neurodivergent people tend to be more liberal because they have a different view of what it means to be a human. They don’t just want to have a voice, they want to use that voice to have a say in how their government operates and what it is supposed to do on behalf of its citizens.

What does this mean for the future?

That all depends on whether neurodivergent liberals can influence enough of the rest of the population to enact change.


2 responses to “Are Neurodivergent People More Liberal?”

  1. Alan Conrad Avatar

    Well, Hitler was almost surely neurodivergent/autistic. There are a lot of us who aren’t nice – I could name a few among people I know.

    But if you say ‘sensitive neurodivergent/autistic people’ are more likely to be on the left, I would agree. I think that’s been the case for a long time.

    The problem right now is that a lot of people who should be on the left have been tricked into voting right, and they still don’t see what’s happened to them.


  2. […] autistic person do something creative, don’t be surprised! It’s just another thing that makes them special. […]


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