How To Accept Your Mental Health Condition

First of all, let’s start by saying that you’re not alone in this. It is perfectly normal to be depressed, anxious, or have panic attacks daily. Millions of people go through these conditions and somehow manage to live full lives despite it all.


The problem is that media portrayal of mental illness almost always suggests that only weak people get depressed. Still, sometimes even the strongest person can fall prey to its insidious grasp. But you are stronger than your condition gives you credit for; learning how to accept depression as a part of your life isn’t easy for most people, especially if they initially denied the fact that they were suffering from it (presuming that “everyone gets sad sometimes”). Nevertheless, there are several ways to help yourself deal with this issue; and we’ll try to give you some guidelines on how to do this.


First of all, don’t be ashamed – let your family and friends know that you’re going through a rough patch and need their support and understanding. You may feel like you’re burdening them with your problems, but the truth is that one of the best ways to deal with depression is by talking about it around people who care. They might not offer much practical help, but at least they can share your burden until things get better. You aren’t alone in this anymore!


Do not obsess over what’s causing your condition – instead, try thinking about solutions for it. It’s easy to focus on why you feel the way you do, but what’s much more helpful is to think about how you can improve your situation. For example, if you are stuck with schoolwork and don’t have enough time or patience to deal with it, hire someone to help you! It may hurt to learn that the “reason” for all your misery is just a chemical imbalance in your brain, but it’s still better than feeling depressed.


Remember that being depressed isn’t your fault – even though this condition is genuine and has serious consequences, there are people out there who will try to convince you that it’s all in your head. Maybe they’re trying to comfort you or believe their claims; way, remember that depression is just an illness, and blaming yourself for it won’t help you feel any better. At best, others’ lack of insight into your problems might be irritating; but don’t let them get to you too much.


Help yourself by helping somebody else – even though having depression sucks big time, there are still people out there who give anything to have what you already do. Try doing something nice for them, like visiting the sick or reading books to kids in a local library; the chances are that this will make you feel better about yourself and eventually improve your mental state as well. Additionally, if you’re feeling super adventurous – consider traveling somewhere where they need all the help they can get!


Don’t try to fight your feelings – sometimes, the best way to deal with depression is by not fighting it and letting whatever happens to happen. At first, it may seem that this is a dangerous method; but in reality, often, all you need to do is distract yourself from your issues for a while so they can get better on their own. Maybe you don’t have time to sit around and think about how crappy life is right now – go out there and meet new people!
You are stronger than any condition; don’t forget that!


Even though being depressed sucks majorly, take things one day at a time and remember that you’ll get through it soon enough. All you need to do is wait a little bit longer. And if waiting isn’t helping at all – talk to your doctor about it! They are there to help you and will gladly prescribe some drugs that can make your life easier.

You are not alone, no matter how much it feels like it. All you need to do is remind yourself that you’re more than just a mental condition, and be patient until things get better for good! Don’t let depression get the best of you because this illness is manageable.

If you read our article on How To Deal With Your Mental Illness, most of the tips presented here aren’t exactly new; however, dealing with depression is different from dealing with OCD, autism or bipolar disorder, so that each method may require its specific approach. The main idea behind everything we have said here is that you should always be kind to yourself and remember that depression isn’t something to fight. It’s just a condition, and sometimes fighting it can hurt your chances of getting better.


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