What Is The 5th Dimension And Do Autists Live There?

The fifth dimension is a concept of the fifth and highest level of reality, completely different from our current understanding. It would be a sort of pure being, where there was no time or space, not even an individual identity to begin with. All that existed was “the One,” completely unified and transcending all concepts. In physics, the current four “dimensions” are the three spatial dimensions, plus time as the fourth dimension. The fifth dimension represents a sort of super-reality that transcends all notions of space and time.


Moving up to this fifth level of reality would be impossible for us humans with our current understanding of physics, but it is still possible to utilize higher dimensional aspects of our consciousness. The 5th dimension represents a higher-dimensional realm that is completely at peace and blissful, but it can also represent a high level of human spirituality.

The Fifth Dimension as a Higher-Dimensional Realm


To the average person, the fifth dimension might be considered a form of heaven or nirvana. In more complex terms, the fifth dimension could be considered a place of pure being. In fact, it might not even really exist as something “there” because all things are unified as One. The 5th dimension is a representation of existence beyond time and space where everything is equal and unified in Oneness.


In more abstract philosophy, the 5th dimension might be used as a measure of spirituality. In fact, it might represent the ultimate realization of spirituality. It is beyond all space and time, so it would be impossible to conceive anything at all there, so there would be no separation between any things or even an “I” that perceives those things. This represents a higher-dimensional spiritual state that is beyond all time and space.

The Fifth Dimension as a Highest Level of Human Consciousness


In the Judeo-Christian tradition, there are several different heavens, with the third heaven being the one closest to God. In more abstract terms, the fifth dimension might represent a state of a higher level of consciousness that is attained through meditation or other spiritual practices. It is a state in which one realizes that all things are unified, and we are all one with the universe.


The fifth dimension might also represent different levels of higher consciousness in general, so it could mean becoming aware of one’s identity as existing outside of the physical body and having an awareness of other people’s thoughts and feelings. It is a level of consciousness in which one is aware of everything around them, almost like astral projection or remote viewing.

Understanding the 5th dimension


Since the fifth dimension transcends space and time, it might also transcend our human understanding. Considering that we are four-dimensional creatures lost in a three-dimensional world, it would be hard for us to even imagine a different kind of reality. The fifth dimension is almost like another universe that exists in a higher sense, completely detached from the four dimensions we experience every day.


Though there are certain aspects of this dimension that can be known and experienced by us humans, such as through meditation or other spiritual practices, it might be impossible for us to understand the true nature of this fifth-dimensional realm. The best we can do is to meditate or contemplate it so that we may attune our consciousness with the energy of the 5th dimension.

Why do I ask this?


Before I received my diagnoses at age 41 of being an Autistic Savant with co-morbid ADHD and OCPD, I always felt that I was viewing humans from ‘outside’ their realm. I had to study their ways and copy them just to be able to fit in. I only visit Normal, I do not get to stay there…

I appreciate the fact that Dr Jordan B Peterson and Sam Harris helped me come to terms with how the world works, but I still do not have a place there.


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