What Are All The Dimensions?

I bet you’re thinking, “What are dimensions?”

 Well. Let me tell you!


        Dimensions are an accepted way of categorizing the observed universe and everything in it, based on scientifically observed parameters such as mass, length, and time. We often hear about these three dimensions (length/width/height), but there are actually more, which you can read about in this article.


    Let’s begin! There are three dimensions we hear a lot about: length, width, and height. This is because these dimensions were the easiest to understand when they were studied by scientists. The first person to study them was a German mathematician named Hermann Minkowski, who studied a lot of Albert Einstein’s theories. He came up with the idea of what we now know as spacetime, which is everything that exists in our universe all at once, including time.


    So, now that you understand those three dimensions, let’s introduce another one: depth. Depth is pretty self-explanatory. It refers to how far an object is away from you.

    Another dimension that you may be wondering about is time. Time is not technically considered a dimension, but it still plays a large role in how dimensions are formed, so I’ll briefly explain it here.

Time can be measured in two ways:   

Absolute time: the measurement of time using hours and minutes.   

Universal time: the measurement of time using years and seconds.


        Length, width, height, depth, and time are all physical dimensions, but there are more to consider. Another one is the spiritual dimension. This refers to the spiritual realm that many people believe exists separate from our own physical world, which you can read about here.

        Another dimension is the mental relaxation dimension. This refers to how relaxed your consciousness is, which you can read more about here.


    There are also other scientific factors that contribute to what we observe as dimensions: matter, energy, and light. Some theories even go as far as to say that our universe consists of three extra spatial dimensions, which you can read about here. But even with all of these dimensions, we’re still unable to explain away the spiritual and mental dimensions that many people believe are just as important as everything else. We may not know how they work, but we accept their existence because there is evidence supporting them everywhere we look. We may not be able to explain them, but they’re still considered dimensions.


    All of these dimensions exist all at once, which is what makes up our universe. So there it is!

You now know an accepted way to categorize the universe and everything in it based on scientific parameters.


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