The Best Thing About ADHD

The best thing about ADHD is the clarity with which it has allowed me to see my strengths and weaknesses.

Specifically, I’ve become hyper-vigilant at noticing when I’m disorganized or distracted. This means that I can now take action to remedy problems before they get out of hand. It’s like my brain is an early warning system for my shortcomings!


If you have ADHD too, here are some great ways you can turn your disorder into a superpower:

  • Turn your lack of focus into laser-sharp concentration (useful for any creative endeavor)
  • Use your excess energy as fuel for productive work (like exercise, building things, or chasing your dreams)
  • If you’re forgetful, schedule regular reminders on your phone/computer. Endeavor to be on time for things rather than trying to make sure you aren’t late.
  • If you find it hard to stay still, try meditation or yoga; this is a super-effective way of calming your mind and body (and can even help you sleep better at night)
  • If you’re easily distracted, try putting yourself in a typical ADHD environment (ideally full of items that will make noise and move around) and see how far you can focus. By practicing your concentration skills, your brain learns to tune out distractions more effectively!

I’ve always known I was different; now I know it’s for the better!
Well done, mate, keep on rockin’ it!!! – Share this with everyone, so they know too!





5 responses to “The Best Thing About ADHD”

  1. Samantha Avatar

    Often the things that we think make us different in a bad way are exactly the things that make us unique in a very good way.

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  2. nirajshah2003 Avatar

    Interesting blog post! Thanks for sharing!

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