The Benefits Of ADHD

Here are some interesting benefits of having ADHD which helps me cope with my Autistic Savant syndrome and OCPD

        Many people look at ADHD as a disadvantage. However, for those who have it, there are several ways that the disorder can actually be an advantage.


            People with ADHD tend to think outside of the box and take risks because they don’t overthink things like other people would, such as their chances of succeeding or failing. This allows people with ADHD to take more risks, which means they are more likely to reach their goal. This also leads them to develop interesting ideas because of the uniqueness of how they view things.

Problem solving

            People with ADHD think in all directions almost simultaneously. As a result, they are able to come up with several solutions for one problem in a short amount of time. This allows individuals to bounce around different ideas (and not get stuck on one) and consider options that others might not have thought about.

Time Management

            Because people with ADHD are constantly changing their focus, they often develop the ability to concentrate very well in short periods of time. Their creativity helps them stay interested in learning things, so they often learn faster than others. Also, because ADHD makes it difficult to stay on one task for too long, people with ADHD develop better time management skills.

First responders

            People with ADHD are more likely to work well in crisis situations. Their creativity and ability to think outside of the box helps them find creative solutions no one else thought of while working under pressure.


            People with ADHD sometimes have trouble fitting in, but it also means that they don’t tend to conform to society’s standards. Because of this, people with ADHD tend to challenge the status quo and develop revolutionary ideas. They are more likely than others to think outside of the box, which helps them come up with new theories and ways of doing things, which has led to many scientific discoveries.


            People with ADHD tend to be energetic and passionate about what they do, as well as enthusiastic. Their passion helps them work harder at tasks that interest them, as well as devote more time and effort into those things that require a lot of effort because they are able to focus better. This can translate to success in nearly any endeavor they choose because people with ADHD are able to work harder and longer than others.

Future thinkers

            People with ADHD have difficulty following directions for several reasons, such as their tendency to think outside of the box and find a new way of doing things or simply because it takes a great deal of effort for them to listen and focus on one thing for a long period of time. They are more likely than others, however, to come up with creative ways of completing tasks that have never been done before. People with ADHD tend to make connections between things faster than other people do because they observe things in unique ways.





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