Autistic Burnout and Self-Care: What Is Autistic Burnout?

After years living with autism without being diagnosed, I ended up trying to commit suicide without having control over my own actions. Now that I have been diagnosed I am trying to find information on autistic burnout.

What Is Autism?


What is autism? Autistic people often have difficulties expressing and relating to other people. Often it is difficult for autistic people to be empathetic, thinking critically about others and use skills such as detail-oriented, complex thought or writing to explain or solve problems to others. Autistic people might have learning and communication difficulties, memory difficulties, and social challenges. Why Am I Talking About This? First, let me say that I strongly believe that everyone should talk about their problems. However, for autistic people and adults, it is important to have a way to explain the challenges that we face because we have different ways of understanding the world and the society that we live in.

What is Autistic Burnout?


I call this chronic stress but I have met a lot of people that use the term burnout to describe their situation. Many adults that live on the spectrum believe that autistic burnout is something that only people on the spectrum can suffer from. Some think that this is a thing that only happens to people on the spectrum. This is untrue and these individuals need to educate themselves about the real condition. Autistic burnout is a combination of stress and a lack of self-care. People who suffer from burnout tend to have a lack of interest in basic things like reading books, shopping for food, and spending time with friends. Some autistic burnout can also be brought on by sensory issues.

How to Find Support for Autistic Burnout


Autistic Burnout and Autistic Identity What Does Burnout Mean to Autistic People? How Does Being Burned Out Affect My Life?

Still looking for support…

Tips for Managing Symptoms of Autistic Burnout


After much research, I discovered a plethora of different web sites all about autistic burnout. This is what I have found to be the most helpful for dealing with burnout, and most important to talk about with other autistic burnout sufferers. Do not rely on the doctors! Believe me, we have all heard the phrase “I’m depressed, I’m going to the doctor” over and over again. But autistic burnout is different. Most autistics do not have feelings of hopelessness or to live or make sense. You are not depressed, your autistic burnout has nothing to do with your mental health, and you have had to deal with the consequences of your existence and lived in a world that has no understanding of your needs.


Burnout is an often overlooked aspect of life with autism. Some people think that burnout is a sign that people are too stressed to function, others think it is associated with “time off” or missing out on “fun”. Burnout is real. It is not something to be overlooked or avoided, but rather it is something to be acknowledged and discussed. People with autism have to learn to live with a host of issues, from anger management to interpersonal skills. Some of those issues can lead to burnout, making things even more difficult for people with autism.





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    I am learning more and more about Autism each time I visit your website. Thank you and stay safe

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