10 months post failed suicide attempt feedback to my Boss

Hi Boss

Just some feedback after my session with my Psychiatrist today:

Mastering High-Functioning Autistic Savant Syndrome with comorbid ADHD and OCPD

(I thought it apt to give a title to my journey 😊)


Step 1 – Self Awareness (3-months)

I was tasked last year December to focus on Self-Awareness for the first three months of 2021.

My goal was to cultivate healthy Self-Awareness by:

  1. Creating space and time (connect with myself daily by avoiding digital distractions).
  2. Practicing mindfulness (pay attention to my inner state as it arises).
  3. Processing my thoughts through writing (journal my awareness).
  4. Practising to listen (Observe emotions and body language of people speaking to me).
  5. Gaining a different perspective (Ask for feedback from someone I trust).

My Dr was pleased with the results regarding my internal- and external awareness.

He is happy for me to take the next step in my quest to relate better to my new environment.


Step 2 – Settle your Locus (3-months)

My next task is to settle my base.

I need to keep following and refining my current plan of:

  1. Following a zen lifestyle of simplicity and naturalness.
  2. Maintain and improve my close relationships.
  3. Keep following my physical training routine.
  4. Healthy balance between home and work.

In addition:

My focus at work needs to be on identifying what activities / position would stimulate my novelty seeking personality trait.

I present with a high mark on Exploratory Excitability subscale. I function better in a domain where my focus is to uncover new things, whereas repetitive actions tend to shut down my creativity and reward centre.

On the medication front we keep everything as it currently stands, no change needed.

In closing, I am doing very well and can just keep following this trajectory!

Thanks again for everything…

Take care


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